Food & Farming Champion Award

Farm & Food Care PEI recognizes local "Champions" who work to tell the story of food production on the Island.

The “Food & Farming Champion” Award is presented to individuals, organizations or businesses who have taken the initiative to help engage with consumers in a conversation about food and farming on PEI. Nominee(s) are individual(s) who are passionate about food and agriculture and are proud of our industry - they use their skills to share their stories and provide consumers with accurate information about agriculture and food production.


Nomination Form for 2021 Food & Farming Champion Award


Food & Farming Champions 2021

The recipients of the 2021 Food & Farming Champion Award are co-founders “Ag in the Field”, Carleigh MacLeod and Jillian Ferguson.

Both, Carleigh and Jillian have demonstrated they are true champions of agriculture on PEI. As co-founders of “Ag in the Field” established in 2018, their mission is communicating to the general public about food and farming practices on PEI.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the information is, they are present and out there.  They are also, full-time University students who are career driven and very involved in their community too (Kensington and Kinkora).  Both, Carleigh and Jillian did not grow up on farms but are knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to talking about agriculture.  This is mostly thanks to mentors in the school system sharing their knowledge and supporting them as they went along.  “Ag in the Field” share stories on social media and volunteer time at agricultural events.  They take every opportunity to engage with consumers about where their food comes from.  They are passionate and the industry as a whole is very lucky to have them. They are very deserving of this award.  Congratulations!

The recipients of the 2020 Food & Farming Champion Award are Deanna Doctor and Rayanne Frizzell

Rayanne and Deanna have demonstrated they are true champions of agriculture on PEI in many ways. As co-founders of Grassroots Dairy United, they bring dairy producers together to promote the dairy industry and educate consumers about the dairy industry and agriculture. Rayanne and Deanna coordinated the Dairy Blue Christmas event in 2018. This event was held in several venues across PEI with local dairy producers giving out milk and cookies to thank consumers for their support of the industry and enabling consumers to contact with producers.

Rayanne is a familiar face in agriculture on PEI, holding positions with PEI Provincial Exhibitions and currently with 4H PEI. She is a co-founder of Atlantic Farm Women’s Conference with the goal of supporting, empowering and educating women in agriculture. Rayanne’s involvement with the PEI Agriculture Awareness Committee and PEI Dairy Youth Trust enables her to bring an understanding of agriculture and the dairy industry to consumers and PEI students. This is accomplished through the organization of Open Farm day tours, Agriculture in the Classroom programs and tours of dairy farms for Grade 3 students.

Deanna is relatively new to PEI, but has quickly immersed herself in the agricultural community. She works with her parents on their dairy farm in the Kensington area and is involved in all the major decision-making on the farm. She has shown leadership through her involvement with the Grassroots Dairy United and the Dairy Blue Christmas event, plus has been active in many organizations including the National Holstein Convention, Atlantic Jersey Association and Young Breeders program. Deanna shares her knowledge of the dairy industry and the importance of agriculture with students through the Agriculture in the Classroom program, PEI Dairy Youth Trust farm tours and 4H PEI.

Deanna and Rayanne are both active on social media promoting agriculture and the dairy industry while communicating with consumers about the care farmers take looking after their animals and environment. We thank Rayanne and Deanna for all their hard work in telling the stories of dairy farming and agriculture on PEI and all their efforts in connecting consumers to PEI producers.

Champion Award 2019: Farmboys Inc.

The recipient of the 2019 Food & Farming Champion Award is Farmboys Inc.

Bryan and Kyle Maynard are young farmers with a farm success story—told through photography, video and social media - that is renewing enthusiasm for agriculture in Prince Edward Island.

The farmboys, as they are known, grew up on the family farm in Arlington. Bryan returned to farming shortly after finishing school, while Kyle embarked on a career with a local aerospace company. After ten years, the opportunity came up to purchase part of Arlington Farms from their grandfather, Allison Dennis. The brothers reunited to form Farmboys Inc in 2015.

The company name is a way of honoring their late father, who would have been proud of his boys for keeping the farm in the family. Bryan and Kyle’s own children are now the fifth generation on this land.

Farmboys Inc. is making waves in the province's agricultural scene. Through interviews and videos, Bryan’s BarnYard photography, Instagram photos and two websites, a video with North Capes Coastal Drive and more, they are capturing what it takes to grow potato, pulse and cereal crops and improve their environmental footprint.

The Maynards are passionate about increasing awareness of the ups and downs of the farming lifestyle, by capturing what it’s really like to be a farmer. They are trying to bridge the gap between farmers and non-farmers by showing their followers where their food comes from and how it’s made.

We all have a part to play in sharing the story of where our food comes from. Advocating takes a team and the Farmboys humbly shares this honour with all Islanders who are activity engaging the public in honest and open conversations about how we produce the highest quality food in the world!

Champion Award 2018: Jessica Reeves

The recipient of the 2018 Food & Farming Champion Award is Jessica Reeves.

Farming is a science and a business, but also an art and the art of farming is a family tradition for Jessica.

Jessica grew up on her parents’ family farm in Lady Fane which grows chip stock & seed potatoes and raises purebred Charolais and commercial cattle. She was a member of the North River 4-H Club and has many fond memories of public speaking, participating in agricultural awareness projects and completing Beef and Market Steer projects. 4-H was a very important part of her life and has helped to shape who she is today.

Jessica lives in Freetown with her husband Steve Reeves, and children Luke & Bella Mae. Together with Steve's parents, Kate and Farrell Reeves, they operate a modern dairy farm: Brookhill Holsteins.

Steve and Jessica were named Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers in 2005 and are proud and active Alumni. Jessica currently sits on the National OYF Social Media Committee and is the Atlantic OYF Sponsorship Chair. She shares OYF's mission to discover, celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Canadian agriculture.

Jessica teaches Agriculture at Kinkora Regional High School where she also coordinates the Academy Diploma Program in Agriculture & BioScience. She loves sharing her passion and love for agriculture with her students and feels blessed to be able to work in a small rural school with strong community values and a love and respect for the agriculture industry.

She looks forward to sharing good news stories through the Islanders For Farmers twitter page and encourages us to find the 'Agvocate' inside each of us. We all have a part to play in sharing the story of where our food comes from. Advocating takes a team and she humbly shares this honour with all Islanders who are activity engaging the public in honest and open conversations about how we produce the highest quality food in the world!